Oh, hello there; I have a little announcement to make. I know we’re coming into the 4th of July and everyone is out celebrating America, but I think there is something else we need to be celebrating. Me! So welcome to the 4 days of Kona! Expect several posts celebrating everything about this fantastic feline in the next four days!


Away from the campaign trail…

I’m going to be honest, things aren’t look good in the presidential primaries. They aren’t looking good for me at all. It’s sent me off on a little soul searching…


I’ve headed out to explore the wild blue yonder…


I’ve peered into the land of┬áthe animal spirits…


I’ve even searched for meaning in grass…


And what it’s all told me is what I should have known from the beginning… I should have run on the Catio platform! Felines around the nation need access to the wonder that is the outdoors in a safe and enjoyable way! So get ready 2020, the Catio is going to take you by storm!!!


– K

An Official Complaint & Petition


This morning I came wondering out for my second breakfast, and what do you know, there were only six little kibbles for me. Six! Can you believe it?

So, here it is, my official note of complaint. I’m starting up a petition to force my parents into seeing the light, I need more kibble.

Please go here and sign my petition now! The hunger needs to end!

I’m going to take a quick nap while I wait for the signatures to roll in…


Some New Rules

Hello there…


Seeing as how we’re going into spring time I think it’s time to establish some new rules for my household. For my adoring readers with cats, I’m pretty sure they would appreciate it if you followed these rules as well.

  1. The vacuum cleaner needs to be banned. It’s moved aggressively at me numerous times and I’ve escaped certain death with my cat reflexes a couple of times. I know you think you have a handle on that beast but it’s out of control!
  2. ┬áPlease stop re-arranging my boxes and toys. I leave them setup how I like them and every time they are moved I need to reassess the layout of the room. It’s a lot of work!
  3. Don’t spill water on the ground. Do you know what it’s like to be walking around and then “SPLAT!” – a puddle! It’s one of the worst experiences ever. So please, no water on the ground.

I think that’s a good start, but more house policy changes are on their way! Now I just want to take a little snooze…