An Ode to Kibble

I often spend my days dreaming of kibble.
Sometimes I do so while watching the birds,
The very thought of it makes me wiggle.
I’ll try to tell you about it with words.

I love it more than a trip through the tunnel,
But not as much as a warm winter snuggle.
I wish I could eat it all with a funnel,
But only if the feast ended with a cuddle.

I sometimes worry the kibble will not flow,
Or perhaps a squirrel will steal it from me.
Perhaps I will miss it being too slow,
Or they will forget it, drinking their tea

I hear something now; could it be time?
I want some kibble now, maybe with lime!

Vote for Me!


The time has come for someone to step up and be the leader this country needs! I would like to announce my candidacy and a simple five point plan to bring prosperity to all:

  1. Millions of felines lack access to basic kibble and water, I will create a Kibble Commission to work on solving this problem immediately. Kibble for all!
  2. We need to work on opening up more birding and squirreling opportunities across the nation. It’s simply not enough to watch a goldfish swim around in 2015.
  3. I will invest into researching how exactly fountains work, where does the water keep coming from? How does it not overflow? These are the questions we need to answer.
  4. Equal rights for all cat-kind. As the first black cat president I would introduce legislation to protect the rights of all felines. Regardless of race or gender, I will ensure that no cat is discriminated against again.
  5. Finally, I will create a task force to finally capture the red dot. It has tormented too many of us for too long to go unpunished.

With these five steps I have a plan to revitalize our nation! Vote for me!

Starvation is Upon Me

I cannot remember my last meal… my humans tell me it was “hours” ago, I can only assume this is practically an eternity. All they left me with was the wet food (an obvious trap) and this plant which I pull out in protest.


I can only hope someone hears this plea for kibble before starvation takes me…

Fall is in the air

As the smell of a fall soup spread through the house, memories of my chili cooking competition came floating back into my memory.  Reclining on my cat tree I reminisced about that glorious day.

10 Easy Steps for Chili Con Kona

Step 1: Check the cookbook  for your ingredients 



Step 2: Go shopping for your ingredients 



Step 3: Chop your veggies

IMG_9587 IMG_9590 IMG_9592


Step four: Cook your veggies



Step five: Rinse your beans



Step six: Add your beans, tomatoes, and begin protein to your veggies, then simmer.



Step seven: While your chili is simmering, make corn bread.

IMG_9610 IMG_9619 IMG_9621


Step eight: Once your chili is done,  choose your toppings



Step nine: Enjoy a delicious bowl of warm chili with corn bread- yum!

IMG_9655 IMG_9663 IMG_9664 IMG_9665


Step ten: Vote for Chili Con Kona!