Fall is in the air

As the smell of a fall soup spread through the house, memories of my chili cooking competition came floating back into my memory.  Reclining on my cat tree I reminisced about that glorious day.

10 Easy Steps for Chili Con Kona

Step 1: Check the cookbook  for your ingredients 



Step 2: Go shopping for your ingredients 



Step 3: Chop your veggies

IMG_9587 IMG_9590 IMG_9592


Step four: Cook your veggies



Step five: Rinse your beans



Step six: Add your beans, tomatoes, and begin protein to your veggies, then simmer.



Step seven: While your chili is simmering, make corn bread.

IMG_9610 IMG_9619 IMG_9621


Step eight: Once your chili is done,  choose your toppings



Step nine: Enjoy a delicious bowl of warm chili with corn bread- yum!

IMG_9655 IMG_9663 IMG_9664 IMG_9665


Step ten: Vote for Chili Con Kona!