I’m a fighter pilot!

I found something new around the house…

Hmm, what’s this? Cats are great!

How do I get in here? I guess I’ll just take a peek inside.

Looks easy enough, time to hop in head first right?

Hmm, lots of switches… might need a little snooze while I think about this.

Okay, I think I got it… ready for take off!

Time to chase the dog around with this thing!


3 thoughts on “I’m a fighter pilot!”

  1. Hmm wonder when it will make its way to Ashland! You might need a cat helmet if you’re going to travel further then the living room Kona.
    Is there room for a co-pilot?

    1. Let us know when you get your pilot’s license. Will Pepper be your co-pilot…or your bombadier? Perhaps she could be your ground-crew/mechanic team. Just remember to sit on your parachute just like the crews did on the old WWII bombers.

  2. Congratulations. Those are tough photos to get. I know from experience with our cats in that plane. They never sat still in the cockpit for a photo. It’s great to see the plane being reused.

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