Where to sleep?

So my people just got me this nice, new heated bed and I must confess it’s pretty nice!


While I snoozed there a couple of days, there are so many other spots to catch a quick cat nap.┬áThere is this nice blanket I can curl into such a tight ball on…


Or maybe a good ol’ box to keep a lookout…


Or even my new favorite, some nice grocery bags!


So, while I appreciate the new bed, I’ve moved on to greener (cozier?) pastures!


One thought on “Where to sleep?”

  1. We are enjoying the sites sounds food and animals of Italy. There are small dogs in every piazza. Luckily we have also seen a few cats who’s many job seems to be attracting as many pats as possible by sitting pristinely on the statues.
    Love your new bed, by the way

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