Away from the campaign trail…

I’m going to be honest, things aren’t look good in the presidential primaries. They aren’t looking good for me at all. It’s sent me off on a little soul searching…


I’ve headed out to explore the wild blue yonder…


I’ve peered into the land of┬áthe animal spirits…


I’ve even searched for meaning in grass…


And what it’s all told me is what I should have known from the beginning… I should have run on the Catio platform! Felines around the nation need access to the wonder that is the outdoors in a safe and enjoyable way! So get ready 2020, the Catio is going to take you by storm!!!


– K

2 thoughts on “Away from the campaign trail…”

  1. Kona I am so totally pleased with your outdoor adventures. What a wonderful place this catio will be for your summer enjoyment. It certainly looks big and comfortable enough for you to share with your humans and that 4 legged new pal of yours! Enjoy and we all look forward to the start of the new Catio platform to take hold,

  2. Cats for Catios! I can even SEE the t-shirts and posters with the logo on it now! I can also see half your campaign team stopped in its tracks and staring down a drain in the road in the middle of your fund-raising rally.

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