Happy Easter!

So every year for Easter I like to get dressed up and do the Easter bunny thing around the house.



It just seems a little festive to spread some dyed eggs around and it makes for some holiday cheer. I must confess though, sometimes I feel a little left out. It just seems like I’m doing all the work and nobody does anything for me! Oh… wait a second… what is this here?


Is this an Easter basket all for me??


It’s wonderful! I love it so much! Thank you Easter bunny for finally visiting a kitten in need!



Meanwhile… Several hours earlier…


Hmpf, look at this fun costume! Time to put together a basket for the cat!


A couple of toys, a new bed, a dash of the nip, Kona is going to love it!


I’ll just leave this here, every pet deserves a wonderful basket on Easter!

2 thoughts on “Happy Easter!”

  1. Ah yes the Easter bunny comes in all shapes and sizes. I sure hope you reciprocated and left some treats for that grey and white pepper bunny 🙂

  2. I hope you share a few of your Easter goodies with those around you, Kona. Sharing is a way of ensuring that the magic will return to grace your household time and time again. I do think the little grey woolly Easter Bunny is about the cutest I have seen.

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