Happy Easter!

So every year for Easter I like to get dressed up and do the Easter bunny thing around the house.



It just seems a little festive to spread some dyed eggs around and it makes for some holiday cheer. I must confess though, sometimes I feel a little left out. It just seems like I’m doing all the work and nobody does anything for me! Oh… wait a second… what is this here?


Is this an Easter basket all for me??


It’s wonderful! I love it so much! Thank you Easter bunny for finally visiting a kitten in need!



Meanwhile… Several hours earlier…


Hmpf, look at this fun costume! Time to put together a basket for the cat!


A couple of toys, a new bed, a dash of the nip, Kona is going to love it!


I’ll just leave this here, every pet deserves a wonderful basket on Easter!

Happy Puppy Day!


Oh. Hello there loyal reader! I’ve been enjoying my napping since our internet hasn’t been working. It’s given me lots of time to ponder. In my pondering I’ve thought about the fun it’s been to have a dog around! I get to hide and swat her, hah! Sometimes she sneaks her way into bed which I’m not such a fan of, but I’m sure it’s just because she wants to spend time with me! Anyways, I just wanted to dedicate this post to National Puppy Day. Thanks Pepper for being such a good sport!


I’m excited to see what she does for me on National Cat Day! Perhaps she can snag some extra kibble… or even… no, I couldn’t be so fortunate as to have the sweet whipped nirvana…

Anyways, I get off topic, have a great puppy day! I’m excited for the cream already…


My New Pal

I’ve grown to enjoy having a dog around. One of my favorite pastimes is to hide and then jump out and swat her! Hah! I’m such a sneaky kitten. For now I think I’ll lie and wait for my next opportunity…