After five years of hard work as the lovable house cat I’ve finally been promoted to Lion! I’ll be chasing down gazelles in the┬áSerengeti in no time!


Now hear me roar!!



3 thoughts on “Promotion!”

  1. dear kona,
    wow! i am so impressed with your promotion! i aspire to be as great as you are someday! you look fantastic in that lion head hat, very regal and in charge of the world!

  2. You already rule the house Kona , so it only makes sense that you will rule the jungle now that you are promoted to lion. Might want to practice your roars though before you head off to the Serengeti.

  3. A meow in the Serengeti sounds better than it does in the kitchen. I am Kona hear me meow should be your mantra! Happy travels and don’t forget to write!

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