Board Games

You may not expect this from a feline such as myself, but I’m a huge fan of board games. The strategy of Catan, the interaction of Bang, or a game of chance like Phase Ten, I love them all. Sometimes my people decide to play such games and act like I don’t have a turn. What the heck people? I’m running for president! So, I’ll just sit in the game box, eagerly awaiting my chance to play.


I miss my cat sitter!

Look, I know my people like to get away, have a little vacation in paradise. I also know their version of paradise may be slightly different than mine…


Seriously. Look at all that kibble… but when they are gone they have someone hang out with me so I’m not lonely. When my people return, and I do love it when they are back (#snuggles), my cat sitter leaves, and I really wish she’d┬áhang around too. Why can’t everyone just hang out with me all the time?


So I guess I’ll just wait here in my sitter’s room, maybe my sitter will return and her and my people can all hang out together! Or maybe I can just get in a nice nap… that’d be nice too.