Important Announcement!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my press conference I’ve called on this fine December morning.


I want to announce my running mate for the 2016 presidential elections. I’ve looked long and hard, and I have decided that I need a little more experience on my ticket. I need a running mate who has worked with many felines throughout the years to better their lives and bring health to their families. I need a healer on my team. With this in mind, I want to announce Dr. Luke as my running mate!

Luke Tie 1

Luke has been taking care of felines in his medical practice for many years. He enjoys long naps in his office chairs, delicious canned food with gravy, and purring in happiness. I can only hope that with his experience and dedication we can make a run for the white house!


Thank you, that will be all. Vote for me!

– K

Merry Christmas!

Another one in the books! My people got me some toys to play with…


Actually, I got a ton of toys! So many to choose from!


I love them all! But the real surprise was the greatest gift ever! It must have cost a fortune! And I can’t believe the innovation that went into it!



A box WITH FOAM INSIDE?!? It’s so comfortable I may just need to nap the day away in it… at least until kibble time. Speaking of which, is it kibble time yet?


I’m a Lion!

Did you know I’m actually part lion? My ancestors roamed the Savannah, and I do the same. I often stalk in the kitchen, looking to surprise the large birds that live outside.


Other times I sit on my perch and eagerly await the birds outside, they’ll never see me coming!