Kona 2016 UPDATE!

So, I must confess my run for president hasn’t been going purrfectly… we’re way behind in the polls:


But! When we look at just the feline candidates, things look great!


All I can do is reiterate our need for a strong feline candidate. I’ll be able to bring kibble to those who need it most, make sure there are plenty of things to knock off tables, and provide birding opportunities to all! So once again, I implore you to make your vote for Kona in 2016!


– K (Future Feline President)

3 thoughts on “Kona 2016 UPDATE!”

    1. After a brief conversation with the candidate she reiterated the need to provide a safe haven for refugee humans and felines alike. Historically a tiny fraction of the refugees allowed into the United States have caused any problems, many more security incidents have been tied to people visiting under various visas instead. Kona feels security screening is better applied to granting visas than to the refugee system.

  1. dear kona,
    have you found a running mate yet? if not, maybe i could be of service. i also have a fancy tie, similar to yours (email to your mom to follow shortly). please keep in mind that i am an older boy and do have to sleep…often…in fact, yesterday i slept on your mom’s chair!
    love, lukey

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