I’m a fighter pilot!

I found something new around the house…

Hmm, what’s this? Cats are great!

How do I get in here? I guess I’ll just take a peek inside.

Looks easy enough, time to hop in head first right?

Hmm, lots of switches… might need a little snooze while I think about this.

Okay, I think I got it… ready for take off!

Time to chase the dog around with this thing!


I’m so thankful!

I know I’m a bit of a diva sometimes, but I really am happy to have all the things I do. I’m lucky to be able to lounge around in a nice bed like this…


Or to have people who order a monthly box of toys even when they know I just want the box they come in…


I’m even pleased to have a friendly canine I can terrorize without fear of retaliation…


But really what I most appreciate is yet another nice bed to sleep in obsessively for a few days and then ignore!


Where to sleep?

So my people just got me this nice, new heated bed and I must confess it’s pretty nice!


While I snoozed there a couple of days, there are so many other spots to catch a quick cat nap.┬áThere is this nice blanket I can curl into such a tight ball on…


Or maybe a good ol’ box to keep a lookout…


Or even my new favorite, some nice grocery bags!


So, while I appreciate the new bed, I’ve moved on to greener (cozier?) pastures!


What should I do?

Now that the weather is getting worse I’m just not sure where I should hang out…

Should I lounge in the cold and wet catio?


Should I hang out with that filthy hound?


Is this my time to make like the fish tank and hope my people give me some fish to take care of?


Or is it time to return to my old friend the router?


What is a cat to do??

Happy Birthday to Me!

You may have heard, it was my birthday on Wednesday!


It was kind of a big deal, for my day I made sure we had lots of party supplies.


Everyone was there! Even the dog participated in the celebration of me!


My people got me a new scratcher that I can lounge on (with a side of nip and whipped cream!) which was nice of them.


Now that I’m the big six, I guess it’s time to start my midlife crisis and get that motorcycle I’ve been wanting!


A little gift!

Now that winter is coming and the catio will soon be closed, I’ve been thinking about what I should do with all my free time. Get some extra grooming in? Hunt the pink mice? Maybe find a new hiding place?

Well luckily now I have something to do! My people have upgraded my fishing tank so I can ca… watch the fish!


Just remember… fish are friends, not food. Fish are friends, not food. Fish are food… FRIENDS, they are friends.